Pioneer Rekordbox & CDJ Workshop

Pioneer Rekordbox is packed with functions to give you more ways to manage and mix music that’s personal and powerful. It takes you way beyond track management with a full range of creative, intuitive and customized tools for getting the most out of your library, software and hardware. Coupled with the industry standard Pioneer CDJ, you can take your DJ goals to the next level.

This workshop goes deep into the Rekordbox software and will provide highly effective tips / insight to its advanced features.

Topics include :

  • Pioneer Rekordbox
    • Importing / Organizing Files
    • File Type Optimization
    • Settings Cue Points
    • Adjusting the Beat Grid
    • Creating / Maintaining Playlists
    • Exporting Files
    • Creating Custom CDJ Settings
  • Pioneer CDJ
    • In-depth Deck Overview
    • Proper USB / SD Card Usage
    • Pro DJ Link (connecting / syncing multiple decks)
    • Navigation Tips
    • Hot Cues
    • Mixing Tips & Tricks


We encourage you to bring your laptop with the Pioneer Rekordbox software installed. While it will be very helpful, it is not necessary to attend this workshop.

You can download the Pioneer Rekordbox software here for free.


Saturday January 27th 2018 at 5:00pm – 7:00pm